• VIVA IV Therapy
  • November 2017 - January 2020
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The Mission.

VIVA IV Therapy is a new business to come to Old Town Scottsdale that provides IV therapy with cutting edge customized vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and amino acid nutrients in a highly absorbable IV infusion, within a welcoming relaxed environment.

With the opening of the new business, they needed help with a website that could help educate potential customers that were interested in their IV services and learn more about the process. They also needed a go to market strategy with this new and exciting business.

The Solution.

We met with the owner, Dr. Jerome Cordova, and we went over everything about the business. VIVA IV Therapy is a specialty treatment center for common illnesses such as hangover, migraine, gastroenteritis (stomach bug) influenza, dehydration, athlete/muscle recovery, jet lag, skin hydration, multivitamin supplementation, B-12 injections, common vaccines, and much more. It’s an affordable alternative to the emergency room and urgent care for a speedy recovery from common illnesses. They make their process easy to understand and professional maintaining the highest standards for their patients.

The KNG team started working on a website that made it very easy for visitors to learn and discover what service workout for them. We did a photo and video shoot to create content for the website and social media channels. These photos and videos were able to showcase the process and give visitors a better idea of the business and how it could help them.

Client Testimonial: VIVA IV Therapy

I highly recommend them, they have been great for my business

Dr. Jerome Cordova, Owner/Founder VIVA IV Therapy

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