• LoomNU
  • August 2021
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  • Package Design
  • Web Development

The Mission.

Loom NU is a supplement start-up to combine nature’s natural nutrients with science-backed formulas to create clean and effective supplements that are tailored to customers’ daily needs. As a startup, they came to us looking for help building their brand identity and their packaging design from the ground up.

The Solution.

After meeting with the founders of Loom NU and getting to know them and what their ultimate vision for the Loom NU brand was, we began to brainstorm how we will incorporate their products and their values into their logo and packaging. They wanted a logo that was as simple and natural as the product that they were selling. Once we had the logo designed we got to work on the package design and custom icons. We took careful consideration into exactly how the logo would look on their packaging and made sure their brand’s voice and vision were able to be seen in every product they release. 


Loom NU’s brand identity needed to be as simple and free from clutter and filler as the product inside of the bottle. After we presented their logo and packaging to them they approached us about developing a website that would best match their products. As of today are working closely with Loom NU on their website, developing a marketing plan and an entire ecosystem to help grow their business.


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