• Iron Man Magazine
  • November 2018 - Present
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The Mission.

When the new owners of Iron Man Magazine bought the company at the end of 2018 they knew they wanted to rebrand the company and help bring it into the digital space. The previous owner’s main focus was print however the Kakos family knew that they needed to shift their focus to digital subscriptions and website content to help with their SEO efforts all while keeping a few print issues each year.

The Solution.

We met with the Kakos and the rest of the Iron Man Magazine team and went over what they wanted as part of their new digital-focused strategy. They wanted to revamp their social media content and posting strategy, sell more ads, and decided that moving forward only natural athletes could be featured. Iron Man Magazine ultimately decided that the best course of action would be to combine multiple print issues into seasonal releases. They needed our help with increasing their new brand’s awareness and developing strategies to reach new readers. 

The KNG team immediately started to generate educational content for both social media and blog posts for their website to aid in our SEO efforts. We began developing an email marketing flow and newsletter template. From there we were able to promote their fitness challenges, sell additional advertising space. Together we needed to consistently be generating digital content to fill in the space between their print issues being released.


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