• Dirty Dough
  • January 2021 - Present
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The Mission.

Dirty Dough is a cookie company based in Tempe, Arizona. They create fresh, gooey, cake-like cookies that they take pride in being “dirty” with over-the-top toppings. Dirty Dough has over 50 rotating flavors that come topped and filled with various icings, candy, sweets, and even cereal!

Dirty Dough is preparing to rapidly expand, they are hoping to secure and launch multiple franchises in Arizona and neighboring states. They came to us wanting eye-catching videos and photos to highlight all of their flavors and further develop their presence on social media.

The Solution.

After meeting with Dirty Dough we developed a plan to shoot photo and video content for over 50 cookies in the coming weeks, including everything from scheduling talent, storyboarding videos, to making shot lists. As we created content we also advised Dirty Dough on the best way to utilize it across their social media and website. After a couple of months of working with them, they approached us about helping them design graphics to go in the windows of their storefront, our team quickly came up with designs to be printed.


Dirty Dough eventually restructured to better prepare to expand and open up more stores in doing so they decided to hire us to be their entire marketing team. We quickly began to come up with fresh new ideas for their email campaigns, create new and exciting Tik Toks, and develop plans to make their brand be recognizable across the country to help them expand.

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