• Bristol Myers Squibb
  • November 2020
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  • Videography

The Mission.

Bristol Meyers Squibb (BMS) is one of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies. The Phoenix, Arizona location specifically, manufactures chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients.

They came to us looking for a light-hearted and comedic PSA video that would discuss the importance of COVID-19 safety over the holidays. Many employees would be traveling home or seeing family for the holidays and being that they are in healthcare, it was extremely important that all employees take responsible precautions.

The video was to be completed in just 20 days.

The Solution.

Our team of copywriters, videographers, and editors were able to construct and storyboard a light-hearted and comedic script that educated employees on the importance of COVID-19 safety. We held auditions with professional local actors that could accurately convey the message and represented the majority demographic at BMS.

Filming took place over 2 days in 2 different locations where we worked with the actor as well as several BMS employees to bring the storyboard to life. We were able to deliver the video ahead of schedule. BMS and its employees were extremely happy with the completed video and shared it with other locations across the world.


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