• Body Vision
  • December 2019 - March 2021
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  • Lead Generation

The Mission.

BodyVision is the ultimate group fitness experience. They provide a 1 hour heart rate driven workout meant to torch calories and build full-body fitness. Located in Glendale, Arizona they wanted to distance themselves from their competitors. They were exploring ways to best market themselves during their rebrand. Their ultimate goal was to increase the awareness around their new brand and bring in new leads. They tried various strategies and did not get the results they were hoping for, they ultimately reached out to us here at KNG to take over.

The Solution.

After meeting with Bodyvision we decided to create new content, write new and exciting copy, and design lead funnels that were easy for potential new customers to use and that looked good. To ensure each shoot was as efficient and painless as possible, we made sure each content shoot had a specific strategy and was storyboarded correctly. Once we had our content created and strategy made, it was time to put it all together. We began to set up, manage, and retarget ads using the new content and copy we generated. 


From there we decided to use an automated text message alert system that would text the new leads that BodyVision had received their information and we had another alert set up to let BodyVision know that they received a new lead that needed to be contacted. Ultimately, BodyVision saw a drastic increase in both brand awareness as well as new clients through our Facebook Advertising campaign.


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